ESC image

The Cascade Technology ESC, EAS Second Chance - Broadcast Alert Port provides an alternative means of delivering EAS, Amber Alerts, and or any critical audio messages to stations when other systems fail.

The ESC receives data directly via Ethernet connection. The incoming EAS packets are interpreted, then precision frequency Alert Tones and FSK data are locally synthesized in the receiver. Audio, if available, is received from the server via an Internet connection.

The unit provides a visual indication when an Alert is ready for broadcast. When the user presses the Green button, the audio begins.

The ESC can be configured to immediately play the audio for all Alerts, or for Alerts above a certain priority level (i.e. EAN and required EAS Alerts). A relay output is available for automation control.

All tones are generated locally for precise EAS compliant signals, avoiding possible data corruption of a direct audio feed.

The unit generates a warning tone if an EAS alert has not been broadcast by a predetermined time interval.

Connectivity is regularly confirmed by communications with the server.

The unit is housed in a small rugged extruded aluminum case with XLR balanced audio output. The base unit does not include the color graphic display (as shown).


For more information, see the datasheet.